Grahaem Brown

Grahaem Brown

Grahaem is an accredited specialist in Internal Medicine, and held senior R&D positions in Glaxo, Novartis, Pharmacia and UCB/Celltech.

Recently he has been working closely with Investors on due diligence and with big Pharma and small Biotechs on speeding up patient recruitment.

He has extensive experience of leading development and commercialization of small molecules and biologicals, including a significant role in the development of 19 major products across a broad range of therapeutic areas: oncology, anti-infectives, inflammation, CNS, CVS and GI .

Grahaem has successfully merged organizations three times and managed 5 major business improvement programs, reducing development times / costs and improved quality each time.

He has deep and broad experience of clinical operations, including ensuring protocols are feasible, managing CROs, identification of good investigators and ensuring recruitment targets are met.