Our People

We have associates based in Europe and North America.

Partner Country Expertise
Charity Abelardo USA All aspects of regulatory management, North America and Europe Profile
Cathryn Bennett USA Clinical project management Profile
Suzanne Bosque BSc (hons) UK Clinical Project Management and Medical Writing Profile
Teresa Challoner, MD UK Medical Expert Profile
Tania Coleman UK Clinical Project Management, Evidence-based Feasibility Profile
Pamela DePierre USA Clinical Project Management Profile
Peter Feldschreiber UK Clinical negligence, personal injury and medicines regulatory law Profile
Jennifer Grove UK Clinical project management Profile
Jean-Pierre Isal MD UK Medical Expert, Global Drug Development and Gastroenterology Profile
Karen O'Hanlon PhD UK Clinical Project Management Profile
Alison Pilgrim USA CV, Migraine, CNS; International Drug Development Profile
Jeanne Rodda, JD USA Full Development Programme management; Pharmaceutical Law and Regulation Profile
Bruce Rodda, PhD MBA USA Biostatistics Profile
Robert Smith USA Biostatistics Profile
Mike Tansey MD France Medical Expert, Clinical Operations Profile
Gentiane Verstraeten, IGR MRQA Belgium Quality Management Profile